Monday, 3 August 2009

1... 2... 3... Mask on, people~

Damn!!! Now everyone is advised to wear a mask whenever going out in order to prevent ourselves from virus~~

Hmpn.. reminds me our up-coming Tesl Night's theme: 'Arabic/ Mask parade(or whatever the name it is lar, the point is the mask)XD

That's a good idea!! Perhaps ... we can wear a real mask to the party this time!! i mean the 'real' one which looks like this..
haha.. nice one!!

and..... that thanks to the H1N1 virus...

Gosh!! I hate it~

I hate wearing mask !!!

It is suffocating!!~~and very 'ma huan' and...and.. the most importantly...

It is hard for me to do posing for my 'self-obsessed' photos...
See?? I was actually smiling happily^^.. and now I see nothing but a mask covered half of my cute face!! nooooo....~~ *sob sob*

Reflect !! Human ... Reflect!!

Just received message from Yus through Msn....
One of my coursemate, Atiq has been confirmed H1N1 positive...
Oh man~ the virus is spreading damn fast~~
I hate it so much.. and I think I want to express my anger here ..

Haiz.. i think it's now time for we, human to reflect ourselves...
I believe that everything that happens, comes with reasons...
we human should know it well....
People .. stop your work!! and just turn around~
have a look around us..

What is happening now?
Spreading diseases~ Global warming~ Climate Change~

Who is suffering?
We, the human..
pity the innocent one!!!
and what is the cause for all of these?
People ~ we should know the answer very well!!
Reflect ppl ~ REFLECT!!
I know a lot of times we human might very busy in our works and I know money is very important to us ...
but sometimes ... please don't be so individualistic!!
think of..
Our only home(earth)!!
Our future!!
and Our children!!

Do please remember: Everything happens with reasons...
People... please reflect on what u have done ...
to yourself, your family, your country and your home, the earth!!!

Stop being individualistic!!!

Please contribute something to make our home a better place~~

*sorry i don't know how to express my anger using very nice description....

Sunday, 2 August 2009

SK Sri Peaceful XD >>> SChOOl ExPeRiEnCe #2#

My S.E school....

A school...
with peaceful compound..

peaceful classrooms,

peaceful staffroom,

peaceful office,

peaceful garden,

peaceful learning environment,

peaceful counseling room

peaceful canteen..
not-so-'peaceful' students
..LOL -.-''

not to forget.... a well, peaceful school must come with good teachers...

for example...

Dva@ discipline teacher ^^

Well, that's all , the introduction of my SE school>>> Sek.Keb. Sri 'Peaceful' (Aman)