Thursday, 30 July 2009

Our first time...^^ >>> SChOOl ExPeRiEnCe #1#


First time>>> I own my own name tag to be a temporary teacher^^

First time>>> We become teachers.... (even though it is just temporary teachers), still...sooo excited

see... all looks excited huh? LOL

First time>>> I stepped into a school (S.K Sri Aman) as a teacher...(a two-weeks teacher)

First time>>> People keep calling us: "teacher~ teacher~", except for Gjol... wahaha XP
( Reminds me the game "Teacher-students" which I played with my friends years ago)
Luv the kids...muacx..hehe^0^

First time>>> we have our own seats in the staffroom...

Our seats..hahaha

First time>>> Gjol drove us to school....~Scary

First time>>> Our ears pain pain listening to Gjol's Dva concert in the car. -.-''

To be continued....(Swan's S.E)


Sunday, 19 July 2009

Many times...*emo*

Many times.. I clicked on the "new post" and then leave without writing anything...
Many times.. I felt that i have done something good , but it turns out to disappoint me..
Many times...I don't know how to do or respond to it, that i hate myself so soo much..
Many times.. I just want to choose not to bother it, but I failed...
Many times.. I wished everything that I saw, I heard is the truth, somehow it is not.. worst, it is out of my expectations...
Many times.. I felt so lonely inside me, I felt blanked and i don't know what to do...
Many times.. People said I'm thinking too much le.. (I admit I am but not always/everytime)
Many times.. I thought I can be happy as how people view me from outside but I cannot..
Many times.. I'm blanked (*.*)

duh~~-.-'' suddenly become so emo, so-not-me~~ can't believe that this is my first post for my second sem of first year degree... haiz..

Wake up Swan!!