Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Back in action!! *shoo shoo lazy bugs!!*

After months and months of resting and playing around..I'm now back in action^^ weee~~
Wow.. suddenly feel so great and fresh towards my blog, perhaps it's has been some time since I last blogged.
kay~~I was so confused when I found out so many strangers commented stupid, funny and nonsense things in my previous blog. Neway..like it or not, I'm back ~~and here's my stories.. hehe:D

For your information, I am now pursuing  my second year degree of B.Ed TESOL in Macquarie University, New South Wales, Australia .. huhu.. sorry, didn't blog and update for so so so long le...of course you have missed out lots of my stories for a semester.. sorry la ya.. haha.. i was thinking want to post all my stories up here when I'm free... but then I'm too busy (Lazy is the main reasons) there're too many of them.. soooo.. hehe.. biarjelah (let it be la) :P lalalala~~... LAZY BUG I AM!! XD

Anyway, after staying here for almost half a year, there should be something which i have discovered here right? hehe..kay, let's make a conclusion for my first semester:)
 Hmpn.. what should I say???  *tick tock tick tock*

Previously, before I  came here.. I have huge hopes towards everything that will happen that in this land..
I was imagining that studying here would be great and different than back in my country.
everything was sugarcoated with good and fun stuffs as everything I will do and face will be totally free and fun.
I'm free from my institute's HEP ~.~ weee~ *though it's only for two years...aih*
I'm free to wear anything....well, in terms of outfits to class la I meant.. I no longer have to wear formal clothes everyday to class...=.= clothes which are so so formal and make me looked older..I prefer wearing jeans and casual clothes actually... aih, I hope there will be no rules for teachers to wear formal to teaching in future..*dreaming*
I'm free to go out and come back home anytime I like, no more weird weird drunked pakcik guards who look at us in kind of a face (tengok semacam) everytime we walk out from our hostel.. HATE THEM!!
I'm freee to cook in the kitchen~ free to hang out at night ~ freee~~weee...
everything was imagined in happy happy mood ..
(kay..except I will be away from my beloved family and him.. that's not happy at all..boohoo...)

so .. here am I, rotting in my room, my house, together with my housemates, Tracy X.X... things doesn't turn out exactly what we expected before we fly .. hahaha..yup.. undeniable, over here, there are a lot alot of things which impressed and interested me ^^, there are a lot of new experience which I have been through~ but then still..the only thing which is lack here is THERE IS NO NITE LIFE IN KOALA LAND!! =.=wawawah...

haih. what to do.. over here, shops close at 5pm everyday, except Thursday, shops close at 8pm... and that is still EARLY!! wawawawa..~~~
ohhh.. how much i miss  Mamak stall back in M'sia..

how much i miss pasar malam ~~
shopping mall which only will be closed at 10pm~

so what did the people here do after 5pm? go back home lu... to accompany their family..awww~
perhaps people here are more family conscious, which is also a good thing i think :) ehhe ^^
the only outdoor night life which I noticed here was clubbing and pubbing.. woohoo~~
fun huh? hmm.. quite okla^^ hehe.. been there for a couple of times.. cool and nice^^ enjoy too~
anyway, so far my life here still good la.. haha.. I'm becoming fatter each day ~.~ and i think i should start worrying by now.. :( *guess will join gym soon* huhu..

hahaha.. that's not conclusion for my semester=.='' swt..just noticed I was crapping ..klay.. that's all crap for today ..lols..better stop before i crap more nonsense... :D
heeee.. got to go, going to play monopoly with Miss Tracy~~
buai~ XOXO