Monday, 15 June 2009

Nooooo.... ~~ still Choco... I love you^^

50...51... 52...52kg...
This can't be
I'm getting fat le lar..
and all this because of






looks tasty.. eeeeee....
.. I love you, choco...^^

*snap back to reality*
Wait!! No...No..Something must be done~~~
and I'm gonna do something..
gonna do... do... do ...

*Jotting down something on my notepad*

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Langkawi Trip~~ '09 JPP course (North Zone)

After one week of 'lepak'ing, sleeping, playing games, movie-watching in our beloved Nona..
Finally.... it's holiday~~~yeah!!!!

yea....but no for me..*down*
As one of the JPPs, I have to participate JPP Leadership Course for the North zone for a few days..
This time, the course was held at Hotel Langkasuka, Pulau Langkawi hosted by IPGMK Tuanku Bainun. The course was run for 4 days 3 nights...

and here are some shots that I took that day^^

1. Reach Jetty Kuala Perlis
2. Waiting for our ferry to arrive
3+4. Reach Pulau Langkawi safely

My room : 3 single + 1 extra bed

1. Our lecturers
2. Our exhibition materials..Pop-up book, creative~~
3. In the process of finishing our exhibition board
4. me, Noni and some seniors made it.. hehe^^
5. posing after finished our work~

1. Exhibition day
2. Baring sambil sambil buat kerja
3. Sleeping while listening the talk
4. Kembara day

On the third day, we have our Kembara day..
Starting point at Telaga tujuh,
Second stop, Oriental village
and the last stop at Beach Kok...

Picture which we have drawn based on the scenery at Jetty near Kok Beach^^

Tired ... sleep after the 'kembara"

Throughout the whole programme, I have gained some new experiences and make a lot of new friends...

Some new friends which I have met during the course...

MIA: Jin Sen(The camera don't like him, lolz) will miss them~~

Oh ya.. one more thing, I met this Tesl junior from IPSAH... hpmn... duno leh...
At first, i thought he is my coursemate, Farid's brother b'coz I think he looks a bit similar like him...
People, help me to judge yea.. haha..

Farid- IPSAH version..lolz...

Friday, 5 June 2009

Breaking free > "pRisOn" bReAkz #3#

I forgot to bring my wallet back to institute...Arghh~~~
What's the different my condition now with a prisoner?... lolz...hahaha...
So, I phoned my dad and dug out all my money in my piggy bank at hostel.
haha...Luckily my dad will pass by my institute on the next two day and pass me my wallet.. yippee..^^

kay... our new plan>> break our so-called prison~~

Introducing the "break"ers ..haha

our destination: Gurney plaza..
so, there we go... yeah...
well, i guess i was too excited, already forgot that I actually have left only RM1 in my pockets...lols...

Dad~~ faster faster come... i need my wallet..

Thx for being my bank that day, Ewa..
love yea... muakz...*o*

Enjoy a lot what we had that day ... and here's some shot we caught that day.. enjoy

Lepak in MPH... hmpn..good good...

along gurney drive...

Aza.. I won't forget what u did to us that night~~~ lolx...see~ sampai Ewa lari macam tu....haih..

oh ya.. for your information, I was not the only person who went back there lo, another member have joined the team...

*drum rolls*

welcome Helmi~~~*claps*

Thursday, 4 June 2009

E.M and Planning > "pRiSOn" bReAkz #2#

Kay.. I went back to Institute that Sunday night..
with the plan that I will go back home on the following day after finish meeting Mr G and settled some stupid problems with my B.M lecturer..
well, there's only a few of us left in the hostel who chose to go back a bit later than the others... The name lists were as below:

Guys: Amer, Ulwi
Girls: Aza, Kechik, Ewa, Ain, Yeen, Eela, Dia, and me, Swan^^v

I was the only person who went back there after received the msg... oh~~~ I'm so guai ^^
some of us have planed to go home on Monday night,and have bought the tickets...

on Monday morning..
Here comes the bad news...
Mr G. send the message to Amer ...
All of us can only go back on Friday and that means.....
we gt to stay and we cnt go back at all....

E.M (Emergency meeting) was held at Mami, the attendance was taken..
comes out ..we all choose to stay back till Friday..jadi budak baik^^

Well, for me , it was okay for me to stay back as long as i have something to play or movies to watch in the hostel..Plus, I memang have to go back to institute for my JPP course that weekend.
However, for the rest of them, which have nothing on during that weekend, it was so so so unfair to them man~~ kesian mereka...
Just imagine if you were them, guys....
So.. there goes their tickets...~BURNED~

Haih..What to do?
We have no to stay in the hostel with our boring games... everyday report our attendance..Life is like in prison(well, i'm not saying our life were sux)...haha..lolz..

It was fun though, every night we have our meeting at cafe ...
we planned our daily schedule, considering our budget of course..
Life in inst. was never been such free before ..haha..lolxP

shh..we were coming up with something.. watch out for my next post^^

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

If only.... > "pRiSOn" bReAkz #1#

This happened right after our first degree year one exam...
We finished our exam one week earlier than other students...
Somehow, i guess maybe there might be some miscommunication or something, many people in my cohort thought that they could go back to hometown early, without taking notes that our actual mid-year-holiday will only be started one week after that...Well, initially , I was one of the "people" which I had mentioned above...hehe

I went back on that friday night^^ yeee....

I thought I could take a few day breaks after my exam and go back to IP on next Thursday night for my JPP Course at Pulau Langkawi... And guess what... The first thing that I saw when i first stepped into my house are some messages, popped up in my phone... Those are some forwarded messages from my coursemates and the message's contents were something like below...

1. All of us was never given permission to go back after our exam.
2. The department, institutes, uni, were upset with our behaviours. Some appropriate actions will be taken for students who went back home early.
3. Mr G wants all 58 of us back to school on next monday for our uni lect. wants to see us.

*sweat* Oh man~~~~"tutt" ..what a "popping" news I have...
I was damn so mad when I saw those messages ...
I was mad because it's very leceh for me to go back to my inst. I have packed all my belongings into my locker...
Man~ Imagine I have to unpacked those things again~~~lazy neh
Haiz -.-''....If only I gt the message just before i decided to go home early...
Haih.. it is my fault too ...i'm not suppose to have holidays before our actual holiday starts...and I'm suppose to wait the institute to give permission for us to go home early...

Kay...kay... I am a good gal...I will go back to inst. on Sunday night^^...@#$%^&!.. *mumbling and grumbling*
If only....

Monday, 1 June 2009

I'm back^^ yeah,.

I'm back!! Swan is back~~ after 3 months...*swt*
Sorry yea guys... let you all waited for so long..haha
well, this time i will post something-which-aren't-so-latest..hehe^^
i have miss for 3 months man~~ sure i have a lot to post on ..
since u all haven't see me for so long , sure miss me rite?

well,to welcome me myself back ...
this is the latest me...hehe^^

chak~ that's me ^^

kay... that's enough of my self-obsessed pics..-.-''

gotta start blogging ..