Saturday, 20 December 2008

Cameron trip~~~ yuhooo!!

my cameron trip ... hehe^^

I was quite surprise when i got the invitation from my best friends, Yun Ting to have a trip with my ex-form 6-classmates to Cameron Highlands right after their STPM examination. It has been long time when I last saw them~~Miss them all~~U61 ~~:)

There were only 9 of us including the

-van driver
-Yun Ting(The Guide@Planner )
-her sis>>Yun Yee
-her sis>>Pauline
-Shu Fern a.k.a "Shok Hun" (in Hokkien)
-The funniest one>>Yee Quant
-Mong Ling a.k.a Kong Kong/100

It was a girl party afterall~~ yippee~~^^
We started our journey at 7 sharp in the morning and reached Cameron Highland about 11a.m.

First stop>> BOH Factory

Cactus Farm >>>

what a "hill" of cactus~
Our apartment, at Tanah Rata

look at that 2 fella~ i wonder what have they done to yun

Our dinner>> tadaa~~

what a satisfaction to have steamboat under freezing cold condition..
After dinner , we have our pillow talks, not to mention, some pillow fights till 4 in the morning...
Holidays in cameron wouldn't be fun without

Shopping~~~~ for vege...duh~~
but still we had so much fun in bargaining with the sellers over there...

yun ting: " hey, let's do bulk buy~"
camwhoaring~~ while the three are having "fights" with the
Though it was just a simple u61 gathering trip, we had lots of fun.hehe^^
Till we meet again in the next gathering~
Thx for everything and good luck , my friends~

Monday, 15 December 2008

Year end promotion~~... or what~

Recently i was busy reading my books, in other words>> reading to clear the stocks~~yup, it's year end promotion~stocks clearance time~yeah!!

The reason is, without realising, i bought too many books, duhh~~

tell you what>>one of my weird hobbies is buying books...**swt**

I like to buy books especially when i went shopping with my friends. People buy clothes during shopping whereas i buy nothing but.....books??? lol...what the~~
and guess what? I actually have about 5 unread storybooks before this...
(NOTICE: I said storybooks, other types of book I haven't counted in)~~huhuT.T

AND.....THAT'S...... NOT...... ALL!!......

After the cameron trip, I borrowed " Can you keep a secret" by Sophie Kinsella from Yun Ting...

Few days ago, I went to Popular (a store that Aza don't like to step in for her funny reason) and came out with four more books~~ gosh~~ u should call me crazy/siao~~ I must be crazy that time~~@.@

Now, i have quite a big collection of unread storybooks ....Help~!!

Before this, i got...
" Susanna Sees Stars" by Mary Hogan~ [ i really see stars right now ]--->*.*
" Caught in the Act" by Gemma Fox
" It Chicks" By Tia William
" The School for Husband" by Wendy Holden (interesting title huh?)
" Lipstick Jungle" by Candace Bushnell

Princess Dairies the series "To the Ninth" by Meg Cabot (ad finish reading)

New stocks that i bought few days ago~~

Cecelia Ahern Box Set, including:
" If You Could See Me Now" (in the process of finishing it)
" A Place Called Here" "Where Rainbow End"

"Dairies of a mad Mother-To-Be" by Laura Wolf

(lol...I know the title sounds not suit for bought it for 2 reasons: the title is quite interesting and I gt extra discount if I bought this book..hahaha^^ ) This is the second book in the series, I miss her first book " Dairies of a Mad Bride-To-Be"...(the title not suit for me tooo~~lol...)

That's all the unread storybooks for now... help2!! I can't breath~~ **fainted**

Haih.. I guess after this, I wouldn't buy storybooks for the next semester...except I have done my reading ...duhhh~~~ Better continue my reading now...ZzZzZzZ....

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Days when they all came back~~

Days when they all came back~~one word>> noisy~~ lol...
(sorry lar guys, i couldn't find words except the word "noisy"..:P)
kay... I should start it with the arrival of my aunties and cousins to my grandfather's house.

well, I have 4 aunties , each of them comes from different states, 3 are teachers (from melacca, N9, and Kelantan) and 1 is retiree (from S'pore).

So , u know la, how the situation at my grandfather's house will be like every holiday...

'coz all the grandsons and grandaughters will sure follow their mummy to visit my grandfathers..(well, not all...)

Speaking of my cousins~

There' only a few of them managed to come back here... [ Yin Yan jie jie and Ah Bing couldn't make it as one is currently studying in Beijing and another one has examination at Utar.] However, Suk Yee, which is studying degree in NTU, S'pore, she made it~~yes!!!
wow , it has been long time since i last saw her....wait~actually, i think it's not very long afterall..yup,half a year...haha^^....(thx to Mei Ying jie jie's wedding lar)

What did we do for last week??

1) To and fro the hospital

My grandmother fell off and cracked her ankle, so she has to stay in the general hospital for the next confirmation. Speaking of the hospital....well, at first Suk Yee and me were like "Har....Why GH?? Private better what~~duh~"(ya right, we are a bit prejudice lar) but in the end , we were wrong~~ -.-" Lol...Though it is a general hospital, back to home, Suk Yee and i just couldn't stop our "wow-ing". To our amazement, that was the first cool~~ GH that we both ever ample, nice-designed, strictly-secured, fully-equiped and well-facilitated...if you could just take a look on its lobby, gosh~ bigger than hotel lobby man~needless to say, the rooms... [i gave it 4 stars]. Till now, my grandmother is still lying in her bed in the hospital. Get well soon, po po~

2)Fight for TV and laptops...

This happened most of the time~~haha.. When grandfather wanted to watch his news whereas the grandchildren wanted to watch TV shows; Grandfather's case...okaylar... that's his daily routine what~hoho... Luckily, there's still another TV upstairs, hahah~~and then this happened>>

Girls: "Hey, we want to watch DVDs drama lar!!"

Boys: " Yoh...You all dramas waste your time lar~ Play game better!!"

In the end, we all have to play "scissors, paper, stone" to get the chance to use TV...**fainted**

Yup, that did settle the problem~ Next, we fought for laptops-.-'' we got two , one of course the "wiser" get first...hahaha... daa~~ there goes me and Suk Yee with our laptop~~leaving.....

Boys: "Hey, we want to play Dota.."

Girls: "We want to play 'masak2' game~"

The crazy 4-Hao, Peng, Sau n my sis>Er

3) Fight for toilets and bathrooms....

This happened when one big family staying under one roof...this time?? still okay lar..tak ramai orang~boleh tahan lagi~~^^

4) Avoiding Xiao Zhao, the notorious, mischievous little boy~~

" Pai Zhao is coming~Pai Zhao is coming~Quick2, switch off the lights and pretend we are sleeping!!!" That's what we did when Ah Zhao came and kacau us~~ lol...

This smart,4-year-old, little guy, was the one we all afraid the most!! ishh...geramnya~haih~~What to do~T.T...He is the smallest and it's hard for us to bully him too~~:(

and then what he did??>>> "Ben 10 !!! Ben 10 !!!",ran into our room, pulled out our tv plug and crushed our games and dramas~~huhu, matilah~~~T.T

5)Play cards and mahjung...

Yeah~mahjung~ finally i know how to play mahjung...hahah~~thx to Ah Peng and Yen Sau, the best instructors..

And look what happened to the mahjong pieces~~*swt* 6) Our own drama class~~@.@

Better wish that Suk Yee will not chop me down after viewing these pics~-.-''

Yup,what a noisy and funny week we had, i would say ...Thanks to you all, guys~~
Till we meet again, guys~ Miss u all~~

Friday, 28 November 2008

Tagged by Speedy and Mental~

I'm forced to write this 'cause been tagged by PD the Speedy and Aza the XD
Well, i guess for me, the easiest one will be to start from my name
1. My name... the funny thing bout my name~
>"Khor" my surname.. everyone knows it well...
>"Shwu" most of the girls of my family in my generation have the sound "shu"(in chinese)in their middle name...
eg. my other "shu" family members and cousins: Shwu Mei, Shu Han, Shu Jing, Shu Ping, Suk Yee, Shu fan...etc.
>Shwuwoan is written in one word, why? was supposed to be in two words...but
somehow the people of JPN(Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) got it, woolaa, my name>>Khor Shwuwoan
>Jacqueline? not in my ic card..i choose it myself for fun my english name ...hehe
>Hard to spell and pronounce?? most of the people said that my name is difficult to spell and pronounce ,some pronounce "suwan", some "suwon", some "suhuwon" and some "shuwana"?? lol... especially the part "Shwu", people always duno how to spell it..erm..i'm not sure bout it, my grandfather gave it...
>Swan??? That's how my friends call me nowadays, even lecturers also ...haha..easier, i guess.. i never realised my name can be pronounced as Swan till form 2 when one of my malay schoolmates called my name during emergency... lol... if u pronounce my name faster then it will become "Swan"...
>my name doesn't sound like a chinese?? oh come on~
this happened before i stepped into IPP, that time, Mdm Salmah was one of the interviewers who interviewed me...guess what , the first question she asked me was " erm...Khor Shwuwoan, u r? malay? or Siamese? hahaha... i nearly ended up the conversation with laughings ~ lol..

> Girl??my dad calls me "girl" or "girl girl" at home especially the time he wants to ask for my
>"Zhu" [chinese pronounciation means pig] friends used to call me like that..after the case mis"pronounce" of "shu", well, this cannot blame Linda as she was eating candies the time she shouted my name loudly...pity her..her candy dropped out after that ...haha
>Meatball?? given by my friends before i transfered into another secondary school...that time, each of us have our own name in food terms...

Names of the rest of them: Fishlet, fishball, bihun...etc.
>Walnut? lol.... sounds stupid and funny... haha...given by my friends during form 5, our gang's name --> The Naughty Nuts..haha...Almond(the tallest guy,Meng Yang),Hazelnut(Jan), Peanut(Jagung if i'm not mistaken), and Nutcracker(the IT dork, Jun Yi)...yup, we were nuts^^

>Nobita?? This was how Chistopher and Ivan call me during my first semester in IPP. They started to call me that after the Buddhist Society trip to Perak. The reason is, i looked like Nobita?? it?no comment~

2. very particular and sensitive in friendship thingy
yup, i am sensitive when speaking 'bout friendship and relationship.Why?First,I like to have lots of friends 'cause i don't like to be alone. For me, friends are almost the same important as family.(well, i mean true friends). " A friend in need is a friend indeed" well said~ well said~A true friend is someone that we share happiness and sadness together, someone we can trust so much.
Another reason is that i can trust a friend very easily without knowing how really was he or she. haiz...
As a result, i always get hurt and betrayal from those shitty friends.

3. high curiosity
i guess i am. haha. i like to explore and try new things(except for illegal activities of course), especially stuffs that people like them so much.well, it doesn't mean that i want to follow people,the trend or what. it's because i'm curious....I always wonder why guys like to play Pc games such as Dota,CS, Cabal..etc.. so i tried them.(Dota, hmpn... still couldn't reach Level 5..hahaha~)then i wonder why people like to watch horror movie, so i tried to watch them(unfortunately, till now i' still can't finish one movie of those). There are lots of stuffs which i have tried because of my curiosity.

4. I like to run away from the truth
As i have mentioned in my previous post, this is one of my weaknesses....
i used to refuse to face reality and choose to keep my feelings inside myself. i like to i'm trying to solve my problem now by writing blogs.

5. I love to cook ~^^ haha... yummy yummy...i learned my cookings from my sifu> my mummy^^
currently trying to learn to bake cakes...hmm.. maybe next time i can post something bout my cooking...hehe~ last i have finished writing my 5 things....obviously, u can see that the descriptions of the 5 things become lesser as it reach to the 5th... sorry and paiseh har, aiyah~ppl malas le ... but at least i have done it..haha~~

Now,it's the time for me to announce the next 5 persons...hiak2

The poor 5 who are chosen to be tagged:

-Suk yee -Ren bing -Miss squekie - Nisha - Gzul, Diva da Boom

Good luck guys~~

Thursday, 27 November 2008

You will always be in my heart.. always~~ :'(

I have "abandoned" my blog for quite some time...
Haiz....something did happen recently(sad) :'(
It is such a shame to tell you all that I rather busy on my stuffs than choosing to face the truth at first...I don't have the courage to answer my phone when my family members call me though i already knew it might happen...I can't cry out or even drop a tear..
yup, i'm bad and i'm sucks..
haiz..i just don't know why, i guess maybe b'cause this is my first time to meet this kind of case in my life...probably because i love to run myself away from the truth(it has been my bad habits or all these while)
I felt bad and guilty for being in such way...sorry ...i'm really sorry~

Well,thanks to my friends and my family members, i decided to accept the truth then, and that's why i'm writing to blah and put out my feelings here...(I'm not sure la, maybe it's kind of weird to some ppl that i write it down here, whatever~)
Thanks to you all guys, thanks for giving me ur supports , thanks boon and doo for spending the whole night accompany me , thanks for ur concern, appreciate it~
It was very sad for losing my dear grandpa, however I will try to be brave and strong...
Don't worry guys, i will be okay ...
Farewell, my dear grandpa~ you will always be in my heart~ always~

p/s: sorry, my sentences have jumbled and mixed's quite messy, i know-.-''

Sunday, 9 November 2008

End of the chapter of Foundation year for 3rd Cycle Cohort 1

Even though we have finished our final exam, still i'm here, in my hostel..staring at my laptop, doing nothing but talking craps... lol...haiz..kesiannye ~~
uuu...What is the reason we choose to stay back after exam again???
oh ya!! Because we want to have full attendance and don't want our allowance to be cut...haha..funny reason huh?XD
so, these few days besides "lepak"ing to malls and friends' room, i updated my computer files..
yesterday i got some of my cohort photos from Nisha and the others...
Suddenly i gt the idea of reporting the events that we have done in this 1 and 1/2 years of foundation programme.hpmn... now we begin our reminiscence of foundation year^^
1st Semester~
Induction week wih Cohort 5 seniors

Merdeka Celebration'07
-Institute merdeka celebration
-Singing under the sun
-State celebration at Dataran Pemuda,Seberang Prai

Tesl Nite'07 -Language Connect
1. Preparation for tesl nite drama
2. After performance

our first exhi >> Social studies exhi '08

2nd Semester- CRaZinEss BeGAn @.@

Relay for life'08

English Language Club-Choral Speaking competition'08

ELC(English Language Camp) Location:IPTI, Johor Bharu

Social Studies Exhibition'08

Amali Sembelih

Cohort Penang Trip- War Museum

English Studies Assignment-Dramatization

3rd semester
Induction week for Cohort 2 juniors

Tesl Nite'08
Theme: Enchanted
Awaken your dreams, Relive your fantasy~~

Breaking Fast Ceremony'08 - Naza Hotel

Cohort Volleyball Match'08

Raya Feast '08

Preparation for exam..huhu~~ZzZzZ

Well, now we have finished our exam..
Exam ended means the chapter of our story in foundation year have reached to the end
Sad right??lol..
In the other words means another new chapter will start soon....
Our story will never end... and so do our friendship~^^

p/s: friends, if i forgot to mention some events , pls inform me or just leave a comment.^^