Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Updated stories - Part 2

Haih..boring boring night~~~
jom continue my stories part 2...hehe^^

24 Nov 2009 - R.I.P my beloved granpa

Woke up early in the morning, have very bad feeling when I saw the lights in my house were all lighted on, both of my parents were not in the house... suddenly gt a call from people from the funeral service centre. and what a lame damn joke , that crazy guy told me that it was my grandma..... told my sis and my sis burst into tears T.T ..I was very scared and couldn't believe what had happened, I was blanked and rushed to my granpa's house which is a stone throw from my home after making a few calls to Bikkie and my uncle. I thought it was my grandma till I reached my grandpa's house and saw my grandma was sitting at the sofa looking fine while the rest were sobbing and calling my grandpa....kay~ that's the time I only knew that my grandpa had gone away...what a lame joke I had that morning.... gosh!! It's not funny kay~~ My grandpa had passed away, peacefully that morning, I will miss him very much~~ R.I.P , gong gong :'(
Thx to all my friends who supported me and accompanied me and my family to go through the hard time ~ thx especially to my bikkie, who had actually sacrificed his trip to Cameron with his friend to accompany me... thx to all of you...muacx and love u all=)

18 December 2009 - A day to remember for both of us

It was the day I officially become his girlfriend, the day I was no longer single nor available.^^ Well, actually the date was not supposed on 18th of December...it should be weeks earlier I guess...kay,blame who?? blame my blurness and slowness, haih...*my closed friends know this story, well, i dun like to repeat le, haha.. it's quite embarrassing anyway.. haha=.=''* one word to describe my story, funny ....most of my friends said cute wor.. I'm not sure about it though...lols.. Anyway, happy getting together to both of us^^ love u, Bikkie ^^

p/s: Bikkie is another name for biscuit in Aussie, his friends calling
him "Ah Pia"(biscuit in hokkien language) , but I decided to call him bikkie, cuter:P

23 Dec 2009-26 Dec 2009 -Family trip'09

At first my dad planned to have a trip to Pulau Langkawi to shop for his chocolates, however due to full house for all the hotels over there, my dad decided to change another locations which are Genting Highlands and Sunway Lagoon.

Genting Highlands
Went to Genting Highlands and the first day, well, the trip wasn't so nice(for my sis lar, me still fine as I slept and online in the room for the whole afternoon,lols..:S), the weather was bad and there were too much of haze, my sis couldn't play in the theme park at all, in the end , we all have a long afternoon nap in the room till 7 pm...lols..

Sunway Hotel , Pyramid+ Lagoon
That was nice^^ hehe... went to count down christmas with crazy KL people... well, I now know that Malaysia has a special culture (or shud I say norms??) for count down... teenagers nowadays enjoy using the bubble spray thingy everytime there is a count down..swt=.=''
Well, frankly , I dun really enjoy counting down that night as ..gosh~~ crazy man~ imagine the time u are going to scream "Merry Christmas" at12 midnight, there are bubble coming down from the sky and u cnt scream at all as you will tertelan or termakan those toxic bubbles when u scream...o.o (notice: I wrote toxic bubbles) the bubbles were made of some dangerous chemical and very toxic .. becareful next time u use it... hey,I'm not protesting about using those sprays yea...it's your rights to have fun when u count down, it's just that for me, i dun like the spraying ceremony, everything is fine^^I just want everybody to be safe ^^ no offence yea..no offence:) hehe

Seremban and Melacca
After hanging at Sunway for one day and a half, we went to my auntie's house which is situated at Seremban and have a stay^^ only one night though ... haih...however, i still have the chance to meet with my biao jie ..^^ take care yea, biao jie.. and sorry for couldn't go to NTU to watch your international-dance competition(national state)..huhu.. next time would want you and your "tian xia di yi deng" (Ethan)to dance in front of me... tell him that I will insist you both to dance~~lalalala~~
speaking of Melacca, geram lo... reminds me of Christopher ... ishh!! I sms him to take me out for food hunting when I was there...and what he did to me??!! I only gt his reply message 5 days later.. what the..... all because of his stupid phone... so slow ..swt-.-'' Chris~~ buang your phone lar!! haish~~caused me to miss a chance to ask you to belanja me...blek:P

tudia~~suddenly I write so much..duh~~ I tot I was going to "touch and go" my stories nia leh... lols.. kayla, that's all for now^^ *Roger and off*

Updated stories- Part 1

As I have mentioned in my previous post,I will update some of my stories in the past few months in this post...
Below are some of the highlights for my stories~

05 OCT 2009 - TESOL-TESL-PI Family Raya feast

mua costume for that night~~:)

Location: Cititel Hotel

It was a great night for Tesol-Tesl group,and I was glad to see the whole family were there. That was the last time my cohort gathered with Tesl Cohort 2 and PI
juniors Cohort 3 before we all took our finals and prepared to fly to Australia on this Febuary. take care ya.. my juniors^^ will miss you all much much^^

09 Oct 2009 - My birthday celebration ^^

me and him^^

and we saw the other three over the other side~

the "kopek udang" scene...lol

At first, my buddies, Eiwa, Farah and Asfarina have promised to hang out and celebrate my birthday. But then at the same time, he wants to celebrate my birthday with me too... and that's the day he free , so instead of having one party disappointed, we decided to hang out together. That was the first time he hang out with my college friends ^^ First time Eiwa tertarik to him because of he "kopek udang" for her ..lols..funny la..Anyway, thx to them, I had a wonderful birthday celebrated~~wee.. hehe.... happy lu..XOXO for each of you^^

16 Nov 2009-19 Nov 2009 BTN (Biro TataNegara) Camp

four of us, Sarah "pit"jor.. lol..

My hostel room during the camp

My Cohort with another cohort from IPIK (Institute Perguruan Ilmu Khas) attended the camp.
compred to my previous camp, this camp is much much more nicer ^^ hehe.. have a memorable moment over there... reminds me my first night over there.. haha.. Tracy and I cannot sleep well.. and we actually did something to help us to sleep. well, I guess I dun need to tell too details la..(hor Tracy hor:P) hahaha.. dun think too much yea...*will tell u if u 'shi di xia' ask me bout it :)*

Kayla.. that's all for my first part of my previous stories.. hehe^^ will tell u all in my next post^^

Monday, 25 January 2010

My story continues~~ hello to my bloggie ^^ blahaha..

Ahem hem.. hem...
Ermmm....A thousand sorr'ies' to my bloggie..... I have abandoned u here for erm.. three months at least...haih.. so sorry yea...so kelian la..=.=
Ouw.. hi,people out there^^ It's me,Swan^^ I'm back again~~ After a few months of being a "sleeping Swan" ~~
Honestly I felt guilty when I was writing this post. I only recalled that I actually had a blog when I accidentally hit one of my friend's blog link and read it...
Oh...my bloggie must have been very lonely here..*emotional T.T*
There~ there~sayang u~ I change u a new skin^^ wee~~love love de leh.. *duh~ gedik me~*
So now I'm back, and since u all have missed my-few-months-ago-story..so i guesss.....
I won't write it la...erm.. maybe will write a few memorable ones hehe
lazy neh... so many to update..=.='' what I would like to say is , many things had happened for the past few months ....^^ Haiyah~~will tell you the story after this la.. kaylah..that's all for now..tuluu >.<