Saturday, 26 September 2009

The world largest garbage landfill on the sea ~~

Just some sharings ~~^^

Bird flu disease>>> Chickens are not safe to be eaten~
Influenza H1N1 (some parties believe, the origin comes from boar *swt-.-*) >>> Pork are not safe to be eaten ~
Brucella Abortus Disease>>> Beefs are not safe to be eaten~
Now what?? The great garbage patch>> Marine food are dangerous to be consumed~
There's no longer "safe" meat for us.. people, jom jadi vegetarians!!!swt-.-''

Ever heard of The Great Garbage Patch ?? <<<(click here if you want to know more) Well, this is it~~~

Garbage Patch is a swirling floating garbage in the sea which it is made up of plastic bags, bottles and debris. It can stretch for hundreds of miles across the North Pacific Ocean, forming a nebulous, floating junk yard on the high seas.

Do not underestimate the small plastic bags or plastic bottles caps which we use to throw all around the places. Unlike most other rubbish, plastic is not biodegradable. Sunlight will gradually photodegrade the plastic's subtances and turn the plastic into smaller pieces, and worst, those tiny plastics may be eaten by small marine animals or even tiny organisms, and eventually ruining our food chain.

It is quite scary when I saw this video..duh~
People, if you care for your planet, please spend four minutes on the video and do spread the info to the people around you ^^ thx

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Swan was poisoned by the zombies -.-''

Well... just like how my tittle of my post mentioned...
I was poisoned by the zoombies... and I'm now addicted to it... NOOO!!!

hehe... Actually it is a game named Plants VS Zombies

Guys, if you like the game Zuma, you got to try this games... nice^^
love it *.*
Too lazy to write the description of this game.. afterall it is a war between plants and zoobies where we will become the plants and the pc will become the stupid zombies..*ops*

Here are some of the scenes of the game...

Do go search and download for the game if you are interested^^

kayla..that's all.. gotta go now.. the zombies are waiting for me^^hehe...tulu~~~

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

BFF ~>Breaking Fast Fun ^_^

It was 2 Tesol 3 BFF (Breaking Fast Fun) night ~~ My class members decided to hold a small breaking fast party somewhere outside our campus.

Our chosen location --->Pak Hussin Tom Yam Restaurant

Erm...erm.. Not much to crap on ...
Let us just sit back and let the pictures tell the story^^
Below are some of the captures of the day

Our arrival~~

Camwhoring while waiting for the time to break fast ^^

Tracy >> desperate-for-food look ...

The most excited one @Aliah became the time keeper of the day^^
Let's take a look on the food...yummm...erm....

I guess I already know why the whole process is called break fast/ buka puasa(in Malay language)

We need to 'buka' (unpack) the food to break our fast ~~~swt-.-''

woooish~~ see how quick zawa and zahida unpacked the food...-.-''

One minute before breaking fast~~

One minute later>>> no more talking nor craping, the sound of the battle of spoons and forks was the only thing we heard at that moment.

and the food battle began~~~

Result>>The food 'vanished' in less than 15 minutes!!!...(well, u can see how hungry were we)
Now let's spot the difference~~
Before >>>

After >>>

That's all for the night~~Thanks to all the "fast-breakers" for giving full commitment and participations, 2 Tesol 3 managed to held a small celebration to break fast together

p/s: would like to take this opportunity to wish Selamat Hari Raya to all my muslims friends.^^ Sorry if i have done any mistake during the year^^

Saturday, 19 September 2009

The idea of singing aliens??

Just want to share this...nice^^
I knew it from my daddy..

"You are about to hear pure human vocals. No Instrument. No sound effects. Pure and Live!!!"

Who are them??
They are>>> The Voca People

The Voca People is a new international voca theater performance which it is a combination a group of 8 talented music-actors, 3 best female sounds(alt, mezzo, soprano), 3 male singers (bass, baritone, tenor) plus 2 beatbox artists.
It is amazing!!!

Friday, 18 September 2009

The case of been haunted~~~ Scary man!!

Have you ever been haunted by something?
I mean 'something'....'something' which will cause you into troubles, will eventually make you phobia...You might suddenly become very crazy~ or even become frustrated?
Well.. I did~
Here I would like to share my own real experience with all of you...
Because of this problem...
I have suffered a lot~~

I was.... Physically suffered>>>> I had red eyes... dark circles.. my skin becomes very dry and not

Emotionally suffered>>>> I was depressed~ and nearly cried into tears...T.T
Mentally suffered>>>>My mind was blanked~~
Spiritually suffered>>>>I could hardly concentrate during the lecture~~ My mind was not with me when I was watching TV or having dinner with my family...I felt guilty because of this problem .... I didn't really enjoy my semester break with my family members..

I could hardly sleep well in the night....
and even I slept, I only managed to sleep for 3 to 4 hours... haiz -.-'''
I felt helpless and don't know how to face it ~~

Worst!!! This kind of problem not only happened to me, but also to my friends and buddies as well!!!

In simple words~~

It is scary!!
Horrifying !!! Intimidating~ Terrifying!! Traumatic!!
Now it was over~~~ I just hope that next time it would not fear me that much...

Trust me,people.. You wouldn't going to like this...








Written assignments!!!!

Damn it!!! cause me suffered for a month!!