Thursday, 29 January 2009

What I like about Chinese New Year *u* (Part 2)

Since Chinese have 15 days to celebrate CNY, so I guess it wasn't too late for me to post another post about CNY.hehe...

I shoud proceed with my previous title>> What I like about Chinese New year...

3. Gathering~~

Since it is not easy to get all universities to have same holidays at the same time in a year, CNY is surely a great time to meet with our old friends.

some of the gals

52 '09 CNY class gathering~

Sitting together reminiscing the days we ruled 52 class, we joked, we played, we laughed, and cried?? (nah, it's actually laughed into tears) for whole night long. It is kinda touching to see the unity of 52 class is still there even though time have passed for a few years. Thx for everything , guys..Hope our friendship never end..May God bless u all~^^

4. firecrackers~~

Yippee.. I like fireworks...ya, of course, who doesn't know it's illegal, but don't you all think CNY wouldn't "sound" like CNY if there's no firecrackers 'pi li pa la' around us, the situation would be like celebrating birthday without birthday cake (moodless lar, in other words)...and hey, if you guys track back the history of CNY. Firecrackers is used by the chinese to chase away the "nian" , the man-eater-monster. So, in order to pass down the 'tradition', it's no wrong for us to play it during CNY right? haha...

Mum and dad~

fuiyoh~Uncle Seng so brave... stand so near...somemore drinking beer..

5. Cai Shen~~

*Direct translation> Cai means "Wealth", Shen means "God"

Cai Shen (God of Wealth) ,is believed by the chinese that he will bring prosperity to the people.
He is popular to those who want to receive windfalls and have better luck in gambling~ So guys, if you are desperate for money, Cai Shen is the person you want~ Go! Cai Shen, go!

Oh ya, believe or not, i can actually foretell...haha.. I saw Cai Shen few days ago, in IPP, and ...and..I even took his photo ~yes!! such lucky am I !! He told me that my cohort will be rich ~~ho ho ho...

Behold.........*here's a look of Cai Shen
(drum rolls**)

Cai Shen Dao!!

We will be rich! yeah! I guess nobody will be happy like this person does...

ohh, stop it~ Masu! Treasurer of student council for Tesol, 3rd cycle, Cohort 1 ...:P

Monday, 26 January 2009

What I like about Chinese New Year *u* (Part 1)

Yeah~ A year had passed...Again, it's Chinese New Year ~~year of Ox.. Gong Xi Gong Xi^^

"Ang gu gu ...a lo lo" lol... such a cute cow, isn;t it?

Chinese New Year has always be my favourite~~Yippee~~

First day of CNY...

Wake up early in the morning...went to my po po's house to bai nian (visit-visiting or kunjung mengunjung u may say)..

1. Bai Nian~~^^

I love it cuz we will get ang pows when we go and visit from house to house..

Ang pows~~ muackz3...

I guess no one will ever dislike or resist ang pow except ..those who ad married and have to give away the angpows to the bujangs (singles) and the kids..

oh ya..before we receive the ang pow.. dun forget to say

Happy New Year~ or Gong Xi Fa cai~

my dad's advice: "Better dun use Gong Xi Fa Cai when we greet people this year cuz it's really hard for people to "fa cai" nowadays." ya right, thx to global recession~~ duh~

**For "bananas" and people who yet know to speak and understand chinese**
Direct translation: "Gong Xi">> Congratz/tahniah "Fa Cai">> having windfall or untung banyak

For your information, for chinese, red symbolise luck .. Giving angpows is just a symbol of giving some lucks to the people, dun care too much about the contents of the ang pow k..hehe^^

2. FOOD!! eat~ eat~~eat~~

What so great about chinese new year when we don't have yummy yummy food to enjoy with?

Notice that some weight management companies begin to give a big push on their great products through mass media, trying to tell the consumers "Dun worry, we will always stand by you~~Eat more now, lose your weight later~ "

Damn~CNY is totally a great chance for them to gain more profits ... aiyoh

whatever lar...Chinese New Year is the season of food..

Besides juicy mandarins~
we also have>>>row.. row.. row your boat.. gently down the steam~steamboat!!!

and drinks ~

Cookies Monsters: "not to forget the crunchy biscuits and cuisineeess...yeeee~~~"

Kuih Bangkit, Kuih "Kapek", Kuih Bakul, Kuih Ribbon...etc..

Now, this is a bit different >>>>Yee Sang

Yee Sang (literally means "raw fish") is only served during Chinese New Year and it's a common dish for Malaysian nowadays..It is some kind of chinese salad bar served with the mixture of shreded vegetables (lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, gingers, onions and etc.) together with sliced raw fish, jellyfish added with sweet sour sauce made by sweet plums and juicy lemonade.

For more details on the history of Yee Sang>> u may view

When people gather around the table, then it's show time!!!
By using chopsticks, people will toss and mix the Yee Sang.. adding in some "good words" while tossing the yee sang is just like making a wish before we cut our birthday cake... the higher we toss the mixture symbolise the better luck (for bussinessman>> the better fortune )we will gain for this year.. ^^

ya...It's such a nice view to see the rainbows of vege flying in the air...but becareful .. don't toss it to high or else the vege might drop onto one's head....well, if it really happens, the next thing u have to do is run for ur life!! 'cause u might just end up just like the bunny below...

The night before Chinese New Year ^^

Yap.. It was night before Chinese new year, like usual ... my family would gather at my grandmother's house to have dinner~
What differ this year with the previous years was...all of us were not celebrating the night at Pendang but my hometown,Sungai Petani as my 'po po' n 'gung gung' moved to their new house(which is just a stone throw from my house) on last July~ ^^
This year,my family have decided to have reunion party instead of just having a dinner together.

Yeah~ party...
But before that...

Come come come...let's bai bai (pray) first~~

It is part of my family's tradition that we have to pray to our ancestors before the reunion night falls...

Duh~dad, stop playing with your phone lar...come come help mummy. Pity her ...
Next, prepare for the kenduri~

lol... just look at how these experienced chefs work.....

quick~quick~ quick~

Meanwhile.... the kids...

Aaaaa....*mouth widely opened*

Food!!! Mummy, can i have a bite? yummy~~

So...let us wait no more...the party begins~~

~~ Reunion lunch ~~

Po po, grab the food!!! hei yak~~

**burp**(excuse me) hmm...full~ full~

Next,the party continued with..

some "lepak"-ing activities

camwhoring with po po **peace**

some "wuliao" games...such as..

secret codes,

cards and pc games.. **yawning**

n ..what the heck is he doing??

Ben 10, come out from there lar.. adui~~

not to forget some 'gas' drinks (minuman bergas) for the kids~~

dun worry~~it's okay for the kids~ [tidak melebihi 1% alcohol..]
At night, it's steamboat time!!! yeah~
The family of steamboat:fishballs,meatballs, fish, prawns, crabsticks,vege and etc.were q-ing up, to be served~

Wait har....wait till the soup is cooked and boiled then u all can jump in yea~~

now off u go~~

into the tomyam swimming pool~~

Sis: "Jom makan ler wey!! hoi fan la..(cantonese)"

yum.. yummy~

After the big feast, now it's time for us to burn our fat...
let's go out n pray pray in the temple... while waiting for the new year to come...

Say bye bye to the year of squekie squek rats, and welcome the year of mooo moo cow~
Yeah~it time for celebrating~ let us see how the cow jumps over the moon and chases away the rats this new year~~

Happy New year to everyone~ kong hee huat zai (in hokkien)~~

Sunday, 18 January 2009

arggh... tension2nye aku ~stupid survey!!!

Honestly, I don't want to post this at first...
but since my main reason of blogging is to blah out my feelings, whatever ..

Recently, I mean these days la...i don't really feel good, other words means moody lar....
Just couldn't figure out why ...I became quite emotional and even small small things could make me feel down and mad...Suddenly, i felt that everything around me were annoying and irritating ... sorry to say that i felt that in some of my friends too..really really sorry for them~T.T...

As result, I talked with some doctors/ counsellors (my best friends), and these are the question that one of them gave me to survey myself and to find out my own problems..yaa right~
the questions is....(duno how to describe) it's quite weird for me to do these question as i don't really enjoyed it, but anyway thx, my friend~though the result is (blank**)... heheh...

here we go ...

1)How is your feeling rite now?
- erm....don't really know, confused?? feels suffocated~~and helpless.... yup3...feeling just want to scream out loudly...

2) Feeling tired?
- tired about school? nah... i just started my school last week ... won't be tired in this short time
I would say i'm quite tired with the things happening around me ... the society , the people.. blah3 etc..

3) Falling sick?
- emo sickness... yes~
menopause?? probably ...hahaha..lolx..@.@
depression?? a bit i suppose ...T.T

4) Tension?
- yup...tension about allowance...
tension about HD presentation? my lecturer, gosh~ Mdm Soo Hoo...uuu...heard that she is good in online stuff... (hope that she won't find out my blog site when she is searching the net) XD
tension about boycotting stuff in my IP...
really tension~~ moody and still i have to answer these questions..@.@

5) feeling lonely??
- yup.. most of the time... especially when u are staying in a society like mine..

6) Have you tried to share your feelings with someone which are close to you?
- mummy? yes...of course
- friends in IP? a little... but not really... not many ppl could really understand how i feel ...if only they are in the same situation as mine ...

7) stop.... @#$%^& could i just stop it!!! gosh...stupid survey !!

Damn it !! I felt like want to punch people or spit out bad words as i ran through these survey is a failure!! ~~

so, in the end i still couldn't find what's my problem.....duh~~~here, I have to say sorry to my friend... thx for trying to help me out ...appreciate it ^^..

Feeling hungry...~~ Wall-E (eiwa), jom let's go makan~

Friday, 9 January 2009

The new chapter begins ~~

lol... i know I'm late but still Happy 2009 to everyone...

This is my first post for 2009.
To make a conclusion for my 2008~Well, 2008 is not a bad year for me....even though lots of not ok things happened around me...haih~~sad T.T

Throughout the year, i have learned a lot things...In brief, i have learned not to ran away but face and accept the truth of our life,the real faces of society (especially those 2-face-hypocrites)....

Now, here come 2009..^^

Yeah~ Finally, all 58 of us in my cohort can proudly announce to everyone that we are now first year degree students...congratz ~~
A brand new sem must come together with some brand new stuffs...
Here's the report on some of the new things which i have found on the first day of my school..

Hot New Images~
Of course, image is very important for it gives the first impression to the others.
my cohort mates, some ad changed their hair styles.. some wore their new clothes and shoes...n
some even wore their new songkok if i'm not
It's nice to see new faces and surprises anyway...
and.....speaking of surprise~~

wow... guess who have their new image too...(here's the clue>>it's a him) :)

**drum rolls**

the "fresh"iest of the new semester is ...Mr G

(opsy,sorry i haven gt his pics yet )

hey, he looks diifferent with beard on his face. Honestly, I felt sorry for him coz seriously, i hardly could recognise him if he didn't speak with us on the first day.

New subjects and timetables...


As it is our degree year, compared to foundation studies, of coz there's lot of differences in subjects....

For this semester, my cohort will be doing on Linguistic, Philosophy of Malaysian Education, Human development, and an elective subjects>> maths or science~
Some of us were quite disappointed as we didn't have english studies as one of our elective subjects whereas the other institutes have...haih~~

Our timetables >>
For this semester, there are only three credit hours(2 hours for tutorial and 1 hours of lecture) for each of the subjects... so, needless to say, we are damn free if compared to our foundation timetables...
However, thinking back , izit good or bad for us to have too much of free time?
hmpn...hmpn...(isshh~~ philosophise~~)
Whateverlahh!!...It should be okay as long we can manage our time correctly...rite?

New course name>>
yup...we have our new name for our course... it is called B.Ed TESOL(Teaching the Speakers of Other Language)...

Haha... suddenly i feel reporting the new things in school sounds familiar..reminds me gzul, the Dva, he always gossips bout the new things in my class...XD

Things which are still remained as before ...
yup, there are things which are new and there are things which are still "remained" the same ...

The obvious one would be >> the construction ...
duh~~~ after 2 months of holiday, still we could find the similarities of the construction sites...swt-.-" oh ya.. except for some roads which have been built and repaired..
The drainage system~ oh my God, they haven finished the system...
haih~it was quite dissapointing when sometimes i heard my friends says..." hey, see!! we and the other institution started the building projects at the same time, they now ad have their new building but we? the drainage system haven yet to ironic izit?"
yup.. i know.. nowadays there's global recession, sometimes, the budget might not enough to cover up the expences used ... ya~right~~.....

But the thing i felt angry is~~ how could they(i mean the workers) leave a big big hole in the middle of the road in front of our dorm..n..somemore they didn't close the road. Don't they think it is too dangerous for the people who are driving cars and motorcycles at night? ...if something happened , kesianlah the pak cik guard tu....haih~~

haha....phew..feeling much better after blah out those things...
look back my title.... i dun feel like i'm writing bout it...."lari tajuklah"(runaway the topic)...

Remember, i once said ..our chapter of our foundation years have ad end, the end of the chapter doesn't mean it is finished ... it means another chapter of our story have just wanted to begin...
so now, our degree years>> our new chapter of the story...and here goes our story...

Welcome back everyone~~^^

p/s: sorry cuz i haven uploaded all the pics in here...