Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Birthday~~~19th...getting older~~

Today is my birthday...yippee~*Q*
well, i have to say i'm quite sad because in the other words means i am older...19th ad man~~two years to step into adulthood lo...huhu:(
tell u what .. haha.. my birthday for this year was quite a funny one ...
i guess because only a few people know that it was my
Yesterday, i went to tesco with Aza and Nisha..
K, the reason i went there because first, i want to withdraw money.
Second, i just want to buy something for me, myself to celebrate my bufday..hehe(quite sad huh knowing my reason??)haha..
Not saying that nobody celebrates birthday for me...haha~but i usually will buy something for myself every birthday~
Plus, i personally don't like to announce to people that my birthday is coming~~
The situation will be like "Hey people, my birthday is coming, dun forget the wishings and my presents too~~" and then when its your birthday ,they give you some birthday surprises, you react:" wow , i'm so surprise!!! Well, Thank you~~
Doesn't it sounds like a bit...erm... fake??
Well, for me, i rather have friends to celebrate it for the only reason because they want to share happiness together, because you are their friends and not because of i told them~~
erm...i' not sure how the other people will think.. whatever la~ that's only my opinion about birthday.hehe^^no offence kay~ no offence~~ *.^
*snap* Opssy... i guess i have run away a bit too far.. back to the story pls..
so, we went to Fairy bakery, like usual, Aza the mental, running here and there.. Nisha, wondering around...and me, the one who was acting abnormally, staring at the displayed cake for quite some time...suddenly turned to them and asked : hey , want cakes? i belanja..
well,just like we all have knew,the first one who rush to me is Aza..
" birthday is tomorow~hehe"
guess what the answer i got from her..."ohw..kesiannya~~" lol...hahahaXD ..Aza~ Aza~
After that, they actually celebrated my birthday...though it was a simple one, but i love it and appreciated it... thanks alot my friends~~!! luv ya..
and today, morning, my coursemate together with Sarah,Tracy, Tien Wei and Wan Xing celebrated it during tutorial. Thanks yea~~btw Meithikda, i like the bumblebee you gave me..:D
Evening, my pipit & sakai friends help me to celebrate my birhday at E-Gate..
Thanks to you all too, muacx ^o^
Overall, my birthday was quite a nice and sweet one..hehe^^
if compared to my previous one... hahaha...okay, nothing~~hehehe
Anyway, to my buddies, friends, and my family:
i'm really happy and appreciated for your wishings and celebration~~ it did mean a lot for me~~
love you all, guys~~

~"Card giving" ceremony~

~Yummy ~ yummy~ ~Chris and me~

~Yin and me~

~ 4 of us ^^~

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