Sunday, 9 November 2008

End of the chapter of Foundation year for 3rd Cycle Cohort 1

Even though we have finished our final exam, still i'm here, in my hostel..staring at my laptop, doing nothing but talking craps... lol...haiz..kesiannye ~~
uuu...What is the reason we choose to stay back after exam again???
oh ya!! Because we want to have full attendance and don't want our allowance to be cut...haha..funny reason huh?XD
so, these few days besides "lepak"ing to malls and friends' room, i updated my computer files..
yesterday i got some of my cohort photos from Nisha and the others...
Suddenly i gt the idea of reporting the events that we have done in this 1 and 1/2 years of foundation programme.hpmn... now we begin our reminiscence of foundation year^^
1st Semester~
Induction week wih Cohort 5 seniors

Merdeka Celebration'07
-Institute merdeka celebration
-Singing under the sun
-State celebration at Dataran Pemuda,Seberang Prai

Tesl Nite'07 -Language Connect
1. Preparation for tesl nite drama
2. After performance

our first exhi >> Social studies exhi '08

2nd Semester- CRaZinEss BeGAn @.@

Relay for life'08

English Language Club-Choral Speaking competition'08

ELC(English Language Camp) Location:IPTI, Johor Bharu

Social Studies Exhibition'08

Amali Sembelih

Cohort Penang Trip- War Museum

English Studies Assignment-Dramatization

3rd semester
Induction week for Cohort 2 juniors

Tesl Nite'08
Theme: Enchanted
Awaken your dreams, Relive your fantasy~~

Breaking Fast Ceremony'08 - Naza Hotel

Cohort Volleyball Match'08

Raya Feast '08

Preparation for exam..huhu~~ZzZzZ

Well, now we have finished our exam..
Exam ended means the chapter of our story in foundation year have reached to the end
Sad right??lol..
In the other words means another new chapter will start soon....
Our story will never end... and so do our friendship~^^

p/s: friends, if i forgot to mention some events , pls inform me or just leave a comment.^^


kacipcrew said...

lucky u put my pic in ur post.. that's y i comment this.. hahaha :D

Chris@dotagaki said...

yay, i mencapap in alot of pics ! Lek pidi, go watch u korean drama and cry la...

Nobita Swan*.^ said...

u all like to mencapap what.. haha~
Pd poyo and Chris koya~
blek :P

The Exquisite Instigator said...

I agree with swan.

mIsS nIsYa said...

miss all dat moments..huhuhu..hye swan..when do u want 2 open ur saloon again??my hair alrdy miss ur fingers on it..hahaha

Nobita Swan*.^ said...

hehehe... salon?
next sem lo..
dun forget to book first~
lol XD

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

my pic in his blog..hahaha..
long live labu!!!