Thursday, 27 November 2008

You will always be in my heart.. always~~ :'(

I have "abandoned" my blog for quite some time...
Haiz....something did happen recently(sad) :'(
It is such a shame to tell you all that I rather busy on my stuffs than choosing to face the truth at first...I don't have the courage to answer my phone when my family members call me though i already knew it might happen...I can't cry out or even drop a tear..
yup, i'm bad and i'm sucks..
haiz..i just don't know why, i guess maybe b'cause this is my first time to meet this kind of case in my life...probably because i love to run myself away from the truth(it has been my bad habits or all these while)
I felt bad and guilty for being in such way...sorry ...i'm really sorry~

Well,thanks to my friends and my family members, i decided to accept the truth then, and that's why i'm writing to blah and put out my feelings here...(I'm not sure la, maybe it's kind of weird to some ppl that i write it down here, whatever~)
Thanks to you all guys, thanks for giving me ur supports , thanks boon and doo for spending the whole night accompany me , thanks for ur concern, appreciate it~
It was very sad for losing my dear grandpa, however I will try to be brave and strong...
Don't worry guys, i will be okay ...
Farewell, my dear grandpa~ you will always be in my heart~ always~

p/s: sorry, my sentences have jumbled and mixed's quite messy, i know-.-''


meen said...

life will always has ups and downs swan. fight it girl! know u can do the best in ur life! =)

Nobita Swan*.^ said...

thx for ur supports, appreciate it~~^^