Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Updated stories- Part 1

As I have mentioned in my previous post,I will update some of my stories in the past few months in this post...
Below are some of the highlights for my stories~

05 OCT 2009 - TESOL-TESL-PI Family Raya feast

mua costume for that night~~:)

Location: Cititel Hotel

It was a great night for Tesol-Tesl group,and I was glad to see the whole family were there. That was the last time my cohort gathered with Tesl Cohort 2 and PI
juniors Cohort 3 before we all took our finals and prepared to fly to Australia on this Febuary. take care ya.. my juniors^^ will miss you all much much^^

09 Oct 2009 - My birthday celebration ^^

me and him^^

and we saw the other three over the other side~

the "kopek udang" scene...lol

At first, my buddies, Eiwa, Farah and Asfarina have promised to hang out and celebrate my birthday. But then at the same time, he wants to celebrate my birthday with me too... and that's the day he free , so instead of having one party disappointed, we decided to hang out together. That was the first time he hang out with my college friends ^^ First time Eiwa tertarik to him because of he "kopek udang" for her ..lols..funny la..Anyway, thx to them, I had a wonderful birthday celebrated~~wee.. hehe.... happy lu..XOXO for each of you^^

16 Nov 2009-19 Nov 2009 BTN (Biro TataNegara) Camp

four of us, Sarah "pit"jor.. lol..

My hostel room during the camp

My Cohort with another cohort from IPIK (Institute Perguruan Ilmu Khas) attended the camp.
compred to my previous camp, this camp is much much more nicer ^^ hehe.. have a memorable moment over there... reminds me my first night over there.. haha.. Tracy and I cannot sleep well.. and we actually did something to help us to sleep. well, I guess I dun need to tell too details la..(hor Tracy hor:P) hahaha.. dun think too much yea...*will tell u if u 'shi di xia' ask me bout it :)*

Kayla.. that's all for my first part of my previous stories.. hehe^^ will tell u all in my next post^^

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Tracy Lee said...

ahahaha! yes yes! secret's kept between the two of us =P
anyway, nice post! =) keep blogging!