Monday, 25 January 2010

My story continues~~ hello to my bloggie ^^ blahaha..

Ahem hem.. hem...
Ermmm....A thousand sorr'ies' to my bloggie..... I have abandoned u here for erm.. three months at least...haih.. so sorry kelian la..=.=
Ouw.. hi,people out there^^ It's me,Swan^^ I'm back again~~ After a few months of being a "sleeping Swan" ~~
Honestly I felt guilty when I was writing this post. I only recalled that I actually had a blog when I accidentally hit one of my friend's blog link and read it... bloggie must have been very lonely here..*emotional T.T*
There~ there~sayang u~ I change u a new skin^^ wee~~love love de leh.. *duh~ gedik me~*
So now I'm back, and since u all have missed i guesss.....
I won't write it la...erm.. maybe will write a few memorable ones hehe
lazy neh... so many to update..=.='' what I would like to say is , many things had happened for the past few months ....^^ Haiyah~~will tell you the story after this la.. kaylah..that's all for now..tuluu >.<

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ZongYen said...

Wa~lama no update lor,fast fast tell story leh