Sunday, 7 December 2008

Days when they all came back~~

Days when they all came back~~one word>> noisy~~ lol...
(sorry lar guys, i couldn't find words except the word "noisy"..:P)
kay... I should start it with the arrival of my aunties and cousins to my grandfather's house.

well, I have 4 aunties , each of them comes from different states, 3 are teachers (from melacca, N9, and Kelantan) and 1 is retiree (from S'pore).

So , u know la, how the situation at my grandfather's house will be like every holiday...

'coz all the grandsons and grandaughters will sure follow their mummy to visit my grandfathers..(well, not all...)

Speaking of my cousins~

There' only a few of them managed to come back here... [ Yin Yan jie jie and Ah Bing couldn't make it as one is currently studying in Beijing and another one has examination at Utar.] However, Suk Yee, which is studying degree in NTU, S'pore, she made it~~yes!!!
wow , it has been long time since i last saw her....wait~actually, i think it's not very long afterall..yup,half a year...haha^^....(thx to Mei Ying jie jie's wedding lar)

What did we do for last week??

1) To and fro the hospital

My grandmother fell off and cracked her ankle, so she has to stay in the general hospital for the next confirmation. Speaking of the hospital....well, at first Suk Yee and me were like "Har....Why GH?? Private better what~~duh~"(ya right, we are a bit prejudice lar) but in the end , we were wrong~~ -.-" Lol...Though it is a general hospital, back to home, Suk Yee and i just couldn't stop our "wow-ing". To our amazement, that was the first cool~~ GH that we both ever ample, nice-designed, strictly-secured, fully-equiped and well-facilitated...if you could just take a look on its lobby, gosh~ bigger than hotel lobby man~needless to say, the rooms... [i gave it 4 stars]. Till now, my grandmother is still lying in her bed in the hospital. Get well soon, po po~

2)Fight for TV and laptops...

This happened most of the time~~haha.. When grandfather wanted to watch his news whereas the grandchildren wanted to watch TV shows; Grandfather's case...okaylar... that's his daily routine what~hoho... Luckily, there's still another TV upstairs, hahah~~and then this happened>>

Girls: "Hey, we want to watch DVDs drama lar!!"

Boys: " Yoh...You all dramas waste your time lar~ Play game better!!"

In the end, we all have to play "scissors, paper, stone" to get the chance to use TV...**fainted**

Yup, that did settle the problem~ Next, we fought for laptops-.-'' we got two , one of course the "wiser" get first...hahaha... daa~~ there goes me and Suk Yee with our laptop~~leaving.....

Boys: "Hey, we want to play Dota.."

Girls: "We want to play 'masak2' game~"

The crazy 4-Hao, Peng, Sau n my sis>Er

3) Fight for toilets and bathrooms....

This happened when one big family staying under one roof...this time?? still okay lar..tak ramai orang~boleh tahan lagi~~^^

4) Avoiding Xiao Zhao, the notorious, mischievous little boy~~

" Pai Zhao is coming~Pai Zhao is coming~Quick2, switch off the lights and pretend we are sleeping!!!" That's what we did when Ah Zhao came and kacau us~~ lol...

This smart,4-year-old, little guy, was the one we all afraid the most!! ishh...geramnya~haih~~What to do~T.T...He is the smallest and it's hard for us to bully him too~~:(

and then what he did??>>> "Ben 10 !!! Ben 10 !!!",ran into our room, pulled out our tv plug and crushed our games and dramas~~huhu, matilah~~~T.T

5)Play cards and mahjung...

Yeah~mahjung~ finally i know how to play mahjung...hahah~~thx to Ah Peng and Yen Sau, the best instructors..

And look what happened to the mahjong pieces~~*swt* 6) Our own drama class~~@.@

Better wish that Suk Yee will not chop me down after viewing these pics~-.-''

Yup,what a noisy and funny week we had, i would say ...Thanks to you all, guys~~
Till we meet again, guys~ Miss u all~~

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