Monday, 15 December 2008

Year end promotion~~... or what~

Recently i was busy reading my books, in other words>> reading to clear the stocks~~yup, it's year end promotion~stocks clearance time~yeah!!

The reason is, without realising, i bought too many books, duhh~~

tell you what>>one of my weird hobbies is buying books...**swt**

I like to buy books especially when i went shopping with my friends. People buy clothes during shopping whereas i buy nothing but.....books??? lol...what the~~
and guess what? I actually have about 5 unread storybooks before this...
(NOTICE: I said storybooks, other types of book I haven't counted in)~~huhuT.T

AND.....THAT'S...... NOT...... ALL!!......

After the cameron trip, I borrowed " Can you keep a secret" by Sophie Kinsella from Yun Ting...

Few days ago, I went to Popular (a store that Aza don't like to step in for her funny reason) and came out with four more books~~ gosh~~ u should call me crazy/siao~~ I must be crazy that time~~@.@

Now, i have quite a big collection of unread storybooks ....Help~!!

Before this, i got...
" Susanna Sees Stars" by Mary Hogan~ [ i really see stars right now ]--->*.*
" Caught in the Act" by Gemma Fox
" It Chicks" By Tia William
" The School for Husband" by Wendy Holden (interesting title huh?)
" Lipstick Jungle" by Candace Bushnell

Princess Dairies the series "To the Ninth" by Meg Cabot (ad finish reading)

New stocks that i bought few days ago~~

Cecelia Ahern Box Set, including:
" If You Could See Me Now" (in the process of finishing it)
" A Place Called Here" "Where Rainbow End"

"Dairies of a mad Mother-To-Be" by Laura Wolf

(lol...I know the title sounds not suit for bought it for 2 reasons: the title is quite interesting and I gt extra discount if I bought this book..hahaha^^ ) This is the second book in the series, I miss her first book " Dairies of a Mad Bride-To-Be"...(the title not suit for me tooo~~lol...)

That's all the unread storybooks for now... help2!! I can't breath~~ **fainted**

Haih.. I guess after this, I wouldn't buy storybooks for the next semester...except I have done my reading ...duhhh~~~ Better continue my reading now...ZzZzZzZ....


Kevin said...

then will u ever finish it??

Joe said...

banyak gila novel. boleh abeh ker neh baca. tak larat jual jer kat lib. haha.

kacipcrew said...

wahaha.. sori 4 late comment :| u know my prob rite.. so, i couldn't have time to check for others blog.. and here goes my comment..

wtf! hahaha... even TKAMB i din finish yet :p

meen said...

sell it to me 90% discount la swan.