Saturday, 20 December 2008

Cameron trip~~~ yuhooo!!

my cameron trip ... hehe^^

I was quite surprise when i got the invitation from my best friends, Yun Ting to have a trip with my ex-form 6-classmates to Cameron Highlands right after their STPM examination. It has been long time when I last saw them~~Miss them all~~U61 ~~:)

There were only 9 of us including the

-van driver
-Yun Ting(The Guide@Planner )
-her sis>>Yun Yee
-her sis>>Pauline
-Shu Fern a.k.a "Shok Hun" (in Hokkien)
-The funniest one>>Yee Quant
-Mong Ling a.k.a Kong Kong/100

It was a girl party afterall~~ yippee~~^^
We started our journey at 7 sharp in the morning and reached Cameron Highland about 11a.m.

First stop>> BOH Factory

Cactus Farm >>>

what a "hill" of cactus~
Our apartment, at Tanah Rata

look at that 2 fella~ i wonder what have they done to yun

Our dinner>> tadaa~~

what a satisfaction to have steamboat under freezing cold condition..
After dinner , we have our pillow talks, not to mention, some pillow fights till 4 in the morning...
Holidays in cameron wouldn't be fun without

Shopping~~~~ for vege...duh~~
but still we had so much fun in bargaining with the sellers over there...

yun ting: " hey, let's do bulk buy~"
camwhoaring~~ while the three are having "fights" with the
Though it was just a simple u61 gathering trip, we had lots of fun.hehe^^
Till we meet again in the next gathering~
Thx for everything and good luck , my friends~


Fishy21 said...

lol..the room looks familiar..i wonder i ever stayed there..haha...

kacipcrew said...

i love to c smoke coming out from mouth in cameron ! hahah