Sunday, 8 February 2009

When boredom strikes~~

Question: "What to do when boredom strikes?"

Probably this is the question we always ask ourselves whenever we feel moodless, blank, stressed and don't know what to do to kill our time...

1. Facebook-ing

Yes.. Facebook! We can make some new friends while killing out time...
yup~ yup~ yup~ that's what we do when we are bored... kononnya lar**
Nowadays, some people in my place begin to log facebook in and out for a different reason.

Some till addicted to it...lolx...

Hmph... i wondered who started to "promote" this game to these people...lolx.
Well, if you really know who we are, you will be shocked to know that we play the game..

Somebody screams: "Wait~ we were not playing it!! We were just doing some researches on the popular games for students nowadays..."
yayaya~I agree with u ~haha

2. Emo~
Some people choose to be emo when they are bored...depressed ..

3. Cosplay...

To be exact... it is costume play...
Well, some people in my place like cosplay.... haha.. let's guess who are they...

some like to act cute..

some evil...chak!!!
some like to be a gorgeous diva~

"Come, let's party!!"

However, some choose to be a little bit hotter and sexier..

"People~Fan me! Fan me pls~ I'm hot, I'm truly hot!"

4. Become naughty and kacau people around~

Kacau people by putting their photos in your blog can be a good idea in spending your free time..just like what I'm doing now~~**Devil's smirk**
Tip: All you have to do is take some risks~~
It's quite dangerous and risky you know...
Be mentally prepared ~ You might be "killed" after you posted it...

p/s: People, dun be mad , k? I was just feeling bored and stressed....just want to kill my time
I hope I wasn't too over..0.0


kacipcrew said...

hahaha.. nice one! thumbs up!

chris@dotagaki said...

Shyt u pidi. Whr u got that pic! no1 is suppose to have that. My besfren curi that pic oso i deleted ady. Sure mira or aza curi dat pic from my phone !!!!!!

Nobita Swan*.^ said...

Gosh~~ i'm sweating -.-''
matilah ku~~ hoho..

To kacipcrew:
I guess i ad helped u to balas dendam Chris for his latest post ..remember to back up me later yea~~ -.-''

To Chris@Dotagaki:
No one curi the pic from your phone lar Chris... lolx..maybe u din realise that u have actually put it in somewhere else ...try to check it out yea..^^

yvonneling said...

haha.....entertaining.....cute! *wink*

mek mek said...

yoyo...1st time visit ur blog....quite interesting....welcome to my blog too...