Thursday, 29 January 2009

What I like about Chinese New Year *u* (Part 2)

Since Chinese have 15 days to celebrate CNY, so I guess it wasn't too late for me to post another post about CNY.hehe...

I shoud proceed with my previous title>> What I like about Chinese New year...

3. Gathering~~

Since it is not easy to get all universities to have same holidays at the same time in a year, CNY is surely a great time to meet with our old friends.

some of the gals

52 '09 CNY class gathering~

Sitting together reminiscing the days we ruled 52 class, we joked, we played, we laughed, and cried?? (nah, it's actually laughed into tears) for whole night long. It is kinda touching to see the unity of 52 class is still there even though time have passed for a few years. Thx for everything , guys..Hope our friendship never end..May God bless u all~^^

4. firecrackers~~

Yippee.. I like fireworks...ya, of course, who doesn't know it's illegal, but don't you all think CNY wouldn't "sound" like CNY if there's no firecrackers 'pi li pa la' around us, the situation would be like celebrating birthday without birthday cake (moodless lar, in other words)...and hey, if you guys track back the history of CNY. Firecrackers is used by the chinese to chase away the "nian" , the man-eater-monster. So, in order to pass down the 'tradition', it's no wrong for us to play it during CNY right? haha...

Mum and dad~

fuiyoh~Uncle Seng so brave... stand so near...somemore drinking beer..

5. Cai Shen~~

*Direct translation> Cai means "Wealth", Shen means "God"

Cai Shen (God of Wealth) ,is believed by the chinese that he will bring prosperity to the people.
He is popular to those who want to receive windfalls and have better luck in gambling~ So guys, if you are desperate for money, Cai Shen is the person you want~ Go! Cai Shen, go!

Oh ya, believe or not, i can actually foretell...haha.. I saw Cai Shen few days ago, in IPP, and ...and..I even took his photo ~yes!! such lucky am I !! He told me that my cohort will be rich ~~ho ho ho...

Behold.........*here's a look of Cai Shen
(drum rolls**)

Cai Shen Dao!!

We will be rich! yeah! I guess nobody will be happy like this person does...

ohh, stop it~ Masu! Treasurer of student council for Tesol, 3rd cycle, Cohort 1 ...:P


Fishy21 said...

cai shen dao~ cai shen dao~

kacipcrew said...

cai shen dao sure fat le.. ekeke.. suits hilmi