Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I'm back^^

Wow, it has been one whole month since I logged in my blog page... duh~ was quite busy ...handling with works and assignments...
Now, let me see whether I can still remember how to blog.. lol..
A lot of things had happened during this month, here's some brief report of it..
well, i think i shall start it with this..

IPP election for JPP
(it rhymes~)

IPP , my campus , a happening place i should say..
ya right...
We had Larian Azlani, Canteen Day, Sports Day, Teachers' Day celebration... etc..
not to forget ...weekly sunbath in the field (assembly) on every Wednesday ...
and monthly assembly at Gelengara on the last Wednesday of each month...
and now what (perhaps the school thought it is not happening enough)
here comes the election ....*swt*

man in the pic: "hey yo...guys , vote for me~undilah saya"


Yup... a new democracy in my campus ...~Great~

Somehow,some courses have to send 2 representatives from each of the classes to join in the election...(i wouldn't say it is force , but wajib) ...hmph... i wonder why...


Nashid Competition

yup, Pertandingan Nashid ....
like previous years, my cohort had 2 groups of girls and a group of guys as our representatives... and just like the previous year, my cohort guys have won in the competition ... the only difference was the winning places...

(1st semester) First year >>1st place
(2nd semester) Second year>> 2nd place

(4th semester) Third year >>3rd place
such a coincidence, isn't it ?

It was a great night...with all the celebrities from my
and here's some shots of them:

Stars of Tesl Cohort 1 3rd cycle~^^

Just look at them...look at the numbers of the photographers... tch(x3)...They are hot~~ yo~~ see how Kucheng rushed to make herself fit in the

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all my coursemates who have joined in the competition... For me, you all are the winners.. The most important is not at the winning places ...but is that you all have tried your best and have done this together..and I'm sure that we all have learned and gained some experience from it..

Well done, guys^^ keep it up~~ you all rocks!! ^^

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