Saturday, 6 June 2009

Langkawi Trip~~ '09 JPP course (North Zone)

After one week of 'lepak'ing, sleeping, playing games, movie-watching in our beloved Nona..
Finally.... it's holiday~~~yeah!!!!

yea....but no for me..*down*
As one of the JPPs, I have to participate JPP Leadership Course for the North zone for a few days..
This time, the course was held at Hotel Langkasuka, Pulau Langkawi hosted by IPGMK Tuanku Bainun. The course was run for 4 days 3 nights...

and here are some shots that I took that day^^

1. Reach Jetty Kuala Perlis
2. Waiting for our ferry to arrive
3+4. Reach Pulau Langkawi safely

My room : 3 single + 1 extra bed

1. Our lecturers
2. Our exhibition materials..Pop-up book, creative~~
3. In the process of finishing our exhibition board
4. me, Noni and some seniors made it.. hehe^^
5. posing after finished our work~

1. Exhibition day
2. Baring sambil sambil buat kerja
3. Sleeping while listening the talk
4. Kembara day

On the third day, we have our Kembara day..
Starting point at Telaga tujuh,
Second stop, Oriental village
and the last stop at Beach Kok...

Picture which we have drawn based on the scenery at Jetty near Kok Beach^^

Tired ... sleep after the 'kembara"

Throughout the whole programme, I have gained some new experiences and make a lot of new friends...

Some new friends which I have met during the course...

MIA: Jin Sen(The camera don't like him, lolz) will miss them~~

Oh ya.. one more thing, I met this Tesl junior from IPSAH... hpmn... duno leh...
At first, i thought he is my coursemate, Farid's brother b'coz I think he looks a bit similar like him...
People, help me to judge yea.. haha..

Farid- IPSAH version..lolz...


The Exquisite Instigator said...

you got urself an award. come and claim it from my page :)

btw, he does look lil bit like farid :)

Nobita Swan*.^ said...

Thx, Aza^^ appreciate it~~

Haha..that means i'm not wrong..
Seriously, if you could meet him, he looks just as same as Farid from side..
kay... mayb not all lar.. he is much higher than Farid..hehe

[-sukyee-] said...

wooo..ehh how did u make ur pics like that?? teach me teach me??