Friday, 18 September 2009

The case of been haunted~~~ Scary man!!

Have you ever been haunted by something?
I mean 'something'....'something' which will cause you into troubles, will eventually make you phobia...You might suddenly become very crazy~ or even become frustrated?
Well.. I did~
Here I would like to share my own real experience with all of you...
Because of this problem...
I have suffered a lot~~

I was.... Physically suffered>>>> I had red eyes... dark circles.. my skin becomes very dry and not

Emotionally suffered>>>> I was depressed~ and nearly cried into tears...T.T
Mentally suffered>>>>My mind was blanked~~
Spiritually suffered>>>>I could hardly concentrate during the lecture~~ My mind was not with me when I was watching TV or having dinner with my family...I felt guilty because of this problem .... I didn't really enjoy my semester break with my family members..

I could hardly sleep well in the night....
and even I slept, I only managed to sleep for 3 to 4 hours... haiz -.-'''
I felt helpless and don't know how to face it ~~

Worst!!! This kind of problem not only happened to me, but also to my friends and buddies as well!!!

In simple words~~

It is scary!!
Horrifying !!! Intimidating~ Terrifying!! Traumatic!!
Now it was over~~~ I just hope that next time it would not fear me that much...

Trust me,people.. You wouldn't going to like this...








Written assignments!!!!

Damn it!!! cause me suffered for a month!!


Fishy21 said...

same uum also liddat

yiemiin said...

waaa....seem so really changed so much ya...become more mature n pretty ....i almost cant recognize u le ....haha...

SJ said...

like your fringe!

ps you're invited to comment on my post too =)

Nobita Swan*.^ said...

Ivan ...imagine we have to pass up 4 assignments+ one scrapbook at the same day.. You will never know and feel how much we suffered for those assignments..Luckily we have kind lecturers who allow us to postpond one or two of the assignments^^ luv them ~~*muacx*

yup..haunted by assignments lu..Geeee.. thx gal^^u too.. become cuter and prettier le.Long time din meet each other ler..Hoping to see you in the next gathering^^

Thx^^ sure..thx for inviting =)