Thursday, 24 September 2009

Swan was poisoned by the zombies -.-''

Well... just like how my tittle of my post mentioned...
I was poisoned by the zoombies... and I'm now addicted to it... NOOO!!!

hehe... Actually it is a game named Plants VS Zombies

Guys, if you like the game Zuma, you got to try this games... nice^^
love it *.*
Too lazy to write the description of this game.. afterall it is a war between plants and zoobies where we will become the plants and the pc will become the stupid zombies..*ops*

Here are some of the scenes of the game...

Do go search and download for the game if you are interested^^

kayla..that's all.. gotta go now.. the zombies are waiting for me^^hehe...tulu~~~


chris@dotagaki said...

Ceh... slow la u. I played this game during my last two holidays. Nice eh? I got cheat u wan know ma.

Nobita Swan*.^ said...

aiyoh.. me so blur.. of course slow lar...XP
when school open ler then u teach me how lar.. ^^

ykchow89 said...

really outdated =.=

JinnHerng said...

play Mini Ninjas!
nin~nin~nin~nin~ninja~~ ^^
nice and cute XD
go to youtube watch the trailer