Friday, 13 March 2009

Kung Fu Basketball >> ~A talented person found~

I bet many of us have watched "Kung Fu soccer" or "Kung Fu hustle" before rite?
And now, this is the latest...

"Kung Fu Basketball"

I was playing basketball with both Aliah and Asfarina when Aliah and me found out that Reen actually has Kung Fu talent...hehe
I actually captured some pictures of it.. yeah~

But I guess she was still new with her new talent and couldn't control her "power" well...she needs more practice...

seeFuiyoh~~Shoe in the net... How did she do that??

Dun worry lar... Reen, I'm sure you can control your "power" better next time^^

Gambateh, Reen, practice makes perfect~~

Aliah: " wow...forget about superjuniors... Reen, you are my new idol..."

For your information, after the incident, Aliah and I became Reen's first fans and her managers...

**Reen is quite busy these days...
So, do please call us to do some arrangements if you need any Kung Fu actors for your movies...Thx^^**

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