Monday, 26 January 2009

The night before Chinese New Year ^^

Yap.. It was night before Chinese new year, like usual ... my family would gather at my grandmother's house to have dinner~
What differ this year with the previous years was...all of us were not celebrating the night at Pendang but my hometown,Sungai Petani as my 'po po' n 'gung gung' moved to their new house(which is just a stone throw from my house) on last July~ ^^
This year,my family have decided to have reunion party instead of just having a dinner together.

Yeah~ party...
But before that...

Come come come...let's bai bai (pray) first~~

It is part of my family's tradition that we have to pray to our ancestors before the reunion night falls...

Duh~dad, stop playing with your phone lar...come come help mummy. Pity her ...
Next, prepare for the kenduri~

lol... just look at how these experienced chefs work.....

quick~quick~ quick~

Meanwhile.... the kids...

Aaaaa....*mouth widely opened*

Food!!! Mummy, can i have a bite? yummy~~

So...let us wait no more...the party begins~~

~~ Reunion lunch ~~

Po po, grab the food!!! hei yak~~

**burp**(excuse me) hmm...full~ full~

Next,the party continued with..

some "lepak"-ing activities

camwhoring with po po **peace**

some "wuliao" games...such as..

secret codes,

cards and pc games.. **yawning**

n ..what the heck is he doing??

Ben 10, come out from there lar.. adui~~

not to forget some 'gas' drinks (minuman bergas) for the kids~~

dun worry~~it's okay for the kids~ [tidak melebihi 1% alcohol..]
At night, it's steamboat time!!! yeah~
The family of steamboat:fishballs,meatballs, fish, prawns, crabsticks,vege and etc.were q-ing up, to be served~

Wait har....wait till the soup is cooked and boiled then u all can jump in yea~~

now off u go~~

into the tomyam swimming pool~~

Sis: "Jom makan ler wey!! hoi fan la..(cantonese)"

yum.. yummy~

After the big feast, now it's time for us to burn our fat...
let's go out n pray pray in the temple... while waiting for the new year to come...

Say bye bye to the year of squekie squek rats, and welcome the year of mooo moo cow~
Yeah~it time for celebrating~ let us see how the cow jumps over the moon and chases away the rats this new year~~

Happy New year to everyone~ kong hee huat zai (in hokkien)~~


kacipcrew said...

i wonder why chris didn't pray.. haha..

Nobita Swan*.^ said...

different family's tradition lar..hehe^^

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Chris mabuk lor...

Nobita Swan*.^ said...

huh? chris mabuk? of course lar..
Since when cina mabuk tak mabuk??lol..:P