Monday, 26 January 2009

What I like about Chinese New Year *u* (Part 1)

Yeah~ A year had passed...Again, it's Chinese New Year ~~year of Ox.. Gong Xi Gong Xi^^

"Ang gu gu ...a lo lo" lol... such a cute cow, isn;t it?

Chinese New Year has always be my favourite~~Yippee~~

First day of CNY...

Wake up early in the morning...went to my po po's house to bai nian (visit-visiting or kunjung mengunjung u may say)..

1. Bai Nian~~^^

I love it cuz we will get ang pows when we go and visit from house to house..

Ang pows~~ muackz3...

I guess no one will ever dislike or resist ang pow except ..those who ad married and have to give away the angpows to the bujangs (singles) and the kids..

oh ya..before we receive the ang pow.. dun forget to say

Happy New Year~ or Gong Xi Fa cai~

my dad's advice: "Better dun use Gong Xi Fa Cai when we greet people this year cuz it's really hard for people to "fa cai" nowadays." ya right, thx to global recession~~ duh~

**For "bananas" and people who yet know to speak and understand chinese**
Direct translation: "Gong Xi">> Congratz/tahniah "Fa Cai">> having windfall or untung banyak

For your information, for chinese, red symbolise luck .. Giving angpows is just a symbol of giving some lucks to the people, dun care too much about the contents of the ang pow k..hehe^^

2. FOOD!! eat~ eat~~eat~~

What so great about chinese new year when we don't have yummy yummy food to enjoy with?

Notice that some weight management companies begin to give a big push on their great products through mass media, trying to tell the consumers "Dun worry, we will always stand by you~~Eat more now, lose your weight later~ "

Damn~CNY is totally a great chance for them to gain more profits ... aiyoh

whatever lar...Chinese New Year is the season of food..

Besides juicy mandarins~
we also have>>>row.. row.. row your boat.. gently down the steam~steamboat!!!

and drinks ~

Cookies Monsters: "not to forget the crunchy biscuits and cuisineeess...yeeee~~~"

Kuih Bangkit, Kuih "Kapek", Kuih Bakul, Kuih Ribbon...etc..

Now, this is a bit different >>>>Yee Sang

Yee Sang (literally means "raw fish") is only served during Chinese New Year and it's a common dish for Malaysian nowadays..It is some kind of chinese salad bar served with the mixture of shreded vegetables (lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, gingers, onions and etc.) together with sliced raw fish, jellyfish added with sweet sour sauce made by sweet plums and juicy lemonade.

For more details on the history of Yee Sang>> u may view

When people gather around the table, then it's show time!!!
By using chopsticks, people will toss and mix the Yee Sang.. adding in some "good words" while tossing the yee sang is just like making a wish before we cut our birthday cake... the higher we toss the mixture symbolise the better luck (for bussinessman>> the better fortune )we will gain for this year.. ^^

ya...It's such a nice view to see the rainbows of vege flying in the air...but becareful .. don't toss it to high or else the vege might drop onto one's head....well, if it really happens, the next thing u have to do is run for ur life!! 'cause u might just end up just like the bunny below...

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