Sunday, 18 January 2009

arggh... tension2nye aku ~stupid survey!!!

Honestly, I don't want to post this at first...
but since my main reason of blogging is to blah out my feelings, whatever ..

Recently, I mean these days la...i don't really feel good, other words means moody lar....
Just couldn't figure out why ...I became quite emotional and even small small things could make me feel down and mad...Suddenly, i felt that everything around me were annoying and irritating ... sorry to say that i felt that in some of my friends too..really really sorry for them~T.T...

As result, I talked with some doctors/ counsellors (my best friends), and these are the question that one of them gave me to survey myself and to find out my own problems..yaa right~
the questions is....(duno how to describe) it's quite weird for me to do these question as i don't really enjoyed it, but anyway thx, my friend~though the result is (blank**)... heheh...

here we go ...

1)How is your feeling rite now?
- erm....don't really know, confused?? feels suffocated~~and helpless.... yup3...feeling just want to scream out loudly...

2) Feeling tired?
- tired about school? nah... i just started my school last week ... won't be tired in this short time
I would say i'm quite tired with the things happening around me ... the society , the people.. blah3 etc..

3) Falling sick?
- emo sickness... yes~
menopause?? probably ...hahaha..lolx..@.@
depression?? a bit i suppose ...T.T

4) Tension?
- yup...tension about allowance...
tension about HD presentation? my lecturer, gosh~ Mdm Soo Hoo...uuu...heard that she is good in online stuff... (hope that she won't find out my blog site when she is searching the net) XD
tension about boycotting stuff in my IP...
really tension~~ moody and still i have to answer these questions..@.@

5) feeling lonely??
- yup.. most of the time... especially when u are staying in a society like mine..

6) Have you tried to share your feelings with someone which are close to you?
- mummy? yes...of course
- friends in IP? a little... but not really... not many ppl could really understand how i feel ...if only they are in the same situation as mine ...

7) stop.... @#$%^& could i just stop it!!! gosh...stupid survey !!

Damn it !! I felt like want to punch people or spit out bad words as i ran through these survey is a failure!! ~~

so, in the end i still couldn't find what's my problem.....duh~~~here, I have to say sorry to my friend... thx for trying to help me out ...appreciate it ^^..

Feeling hungry...~~ Wall-E (eiwa), jom let's go makan~

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